Nema Base

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7PIN locking type dimming receptacle NEMA base socket Weatherproof

The ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle and spring leaf contacts provides an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and luminaire.
Ideal for outdoor commercial and utility lighting, the ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle is available with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0-30 VDC dimming methodsor Digital
Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), while providing a reliable power interconnect with three robust twist lock contacts.

Product Feature

1. Support remote switch lights and current, voltage, power and other data reads.
2. All-wireless communication mode;Convenient installation and maintenance.
3. The system adopts the IOT system architecture
4. The platform can be deployed in the cloud and local;Cloud adoption of ali cloud (high security level, elastic calculation)
5. The controller supports plug and play;Simple and convenient installation and deployment;Greatly reduces the cost of installation and deployment of the system.

Product Detail

NEMA  base(three-wire/five-wire/seven-wire) socket is a connector socket comply with ANSI C136.41 standard, providing
reliable outdoor electromechanical connections. It can be twisted and locked to match outdoor street lamp, courtyard lamp and other lighting controllers.In order to solve the problem of how to install the light control at the best angle position, the products we developed can be fixed by screws after the street light installer chooses the best orientation. It is simple, convenient and fast to connect the external circuit of lamps fixtures.


Comply with ANSI C136.41-2013
* Fireproof and UV resistant, suitable for various outdoor lamps fixtures.
* Convenient / reliable / durable twist-lock connection
* Preset wires for easy integration into the lamp
* The length of the wire can be customized, making it easier to adapt to different lamps

●Outdoor LED lighting,Street andArea Lighting
● Roadway Lighting
●Commercial OutdoorLighting
● Lighting Controls


All the JL-240 series photocontrol receptacles were designed for the lanterns those intended to have an ANSI receptacle to fit a twist-lock photocontrol. This series conform newly published ANSI to allow a LED lamp multi-controlled through the receptacle.This series offers 2 or 4 gold-plated low voltage pads on the top surface to fit photocontrol has ANSI conforming spring contacts, and offers male quick connectors at rear back for signal connection.This series also offers 360 degree rotation limiting feature.


Followsindustry standards·2 or 4 dimming contacts options· Thicker gold plating, better communication performance
·UL94V-0 high temperature resistant
housing and effective sealing.
●Maximum Electrical Ratings:480V,15A Robusttwistlock contacts forareliable
power interconnect
●No electrician required,simple
●Provides IP66 rating to the luminaire
when mated with shorting cap

NEMA base Street Lighting Base Assemblies

Our replacements  of  LUMAWISE Endurance N network control nema bases are ANSI C136 compliant and provide a total power and signal interface between the network control nema base and luminaire receptacle in LED outdoor roadway, street, and area lighting applications. The nema  base assembly is available in 76 / 80 / 84.7 mm diameter versions and includes power twist lock terminals, spring leaf signal contacts (C136.41 versions only) and a sealing gasket.

Lighting Receptacle with NEMA base Socket

Our replacement of LUMAWISE Endurance N NEMA base dimming receptacles provide an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136 based network lighting control and luminaire. Engineered for outdoor commercial and utility lighting the NEMA receptacle is available with 3 power contacts (C136.10 compliant) and 2 or 4 signal contacts (C136.41 compliant) providing for 0-10V dimming and other auxiliary functionality. In applications where rotation of the lighting control to North is desired the LUMAWISE Endurance N family of receptacles offers two rotatable solutions which allow rotation up to 355 degrees.

Street & Area Lighting solutions

Our connectivity solutions reduce the complexity of LED streetlight architecture, allowing you to speed your time to market, reduce applied costs, simplify integration, and improve assembly efficiency.

Main Product

Product Description

2 gold-plated low voltage pads on the top surface to fit photocontrol has ANSI C136.41 conforming spring contacts, and offers male quick connectors at rear back for signal connection.Conforms ANSI C136.41,CE &ROHS listed,360 degree rotation limiting


Our Motor ranges include

1) DC Brush Motor: 6-130mm diameter, 0.01-1000W output power
2) DC Spur Gear Motor: 12-110mm diameter, 0.1-300W output power
3) DC Planetary Gear Motor: 10-82mm diameter, 0.1-100W output power
4) Brushless DC Motor: 28-110mm, 5-1500W output power
5) Stepper Motor: NEMA 08 to NEMA 43, Can with gearbox and lead screw
6) Servo Motor: 42mm to 130mm diameter, 50-4000w
7) AC Gear Motor: 49 to 100mm diameter, 6-140 output power


Strict and professional


Strictly control the quality of raw material procurement, production management, product testing and other key links.
With experienced technical personnel in the industry, strong product R& D ability  

Quality Control
1. Before the order to be confirmed, we will check the material & colour temperature by sample which should be strictly.
2. We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.
3. Every motor base quality checked & cleaned before packing.

Provide “one-stop” service for customers, from customer consultation-Design Scheme-design confirmation – mold opening- sample
confirmation-production-Sales-after sales service procesS
Factory direct sales focus on cost performance

4. Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality.
5. We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.

We strengthen the cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, so that we have mor advantages and reliability than peers in terms of technical strength, product quality, reputation assurance, Pre-sale / after-sale service and other aspects
Our company is always focusing on”innovation,quality,service”, we offer ODM/OEM service.You are assured of our best support and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-winl