China manufacturer 7jaw Ring Type 200AMP 3 Phase Energy Meter Socket Enclosure Box Outdoor Metering Base

Product Description

Product Description

* standard meter sockets are manufactured from 1.2~1.5mm galvanized steel with a baked gray powder polyester paint finish to improve resistance
* the meter socket suitable for single phase, sevice voltage 600Vac Max.
* CHINAMFG gutter space for easy wiring
*Convenient knockouts in side back and bottom
*Lay in type terminals with pressure plates for easy connection
* meter sockets are designed to accept conduit hubs from 1″ to 2-1/2″ size


Product Features

200Amps,600V AC.
Connector ine and load size #6-350 Cu-Al
Heavy duty tinned copper jaw with reinforce clip
C/W center netural bar
NEMA 3R type construction 1.2mm thickness (#18 guage) or 1.5mm thickness (#16 guage) galvanized steel sheet, electrostatically applied epoxy baked gray powder finished.
Ample gutter space for easy wiring
Convenient knockouts in the side back and bottom
Lay in type terminal with pressure plates for easy connections
The fixed hub size 1/2” to 2-1/2” for option



Product Parameters


Product Model Description Outline Dimensions
GD-200-4J-R 1Phase,200A,4 jaw,ring type 396 203 108
GD-200-5J-R 1Phase,200A,5 jaw,ring type 396 203 108
GD-200-7J-R 3Phase,200A,7 jaw,ring type 396 203 108
GD-200-4J-RL 1Phase,200A,4jaw,ringless type 396 203 108
GD-200-5J-RL 1Phase,200A,5jaw,ringless type 396 203 108
GD-200-7J-RL 3Phase,200A,7jaw,ringless type 396 203 108
GD-200B-4J-RL 1Phase,200A,4jaw,ringless type 396 280 108



Product Details


Recommand Product


Company Profile

– CHINAMFG Electric Co.,Ltd ,was foundad in 2007, we are professional for make AC and DC electric items such as cable gland,MC4 Connector, isolator switch , fuse , breaker , distribution box , PV combiner box ,surge protector, Indicator lamp,Solar Charge Controller,Industrial plug and socket,Meter Socket,Wind Turbine, Solar product and so on.

– CHINAMFG has been granted ISO9001 management system certifications. The comprehensive product line has more than 1000 models which have been approved by TUV,CE,CQC,SGS,ROHS,SASO. The productsells well to UK, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Korea, South Africa… more than 60 countries and regions.
– CHINAMFG is always striving hard to provide the best services and competitive price to all customers.




1)Q:How can i trust your company?
    A:Golden electric is The top 10 manufacture in China – more than 350 Agents in local market and more than 100 foreign  clients make OEM,ODM order from us,Golden electric is a big company, we have cooperation with LS, EKF the world-class companies. Our company over 100 employees, products pass CE,IEC,TUV,SAA, RCM, ROHS certificates.
2) Q:Your products?
     A: CHINAMFG electric is factory for Automatic transfer swithc,Surge protector device,distribution box Enclosure, inverter, DC fuse etc. Providing customers very competitive sources, and can be your sourcing agent in China. Goods are following international standards, IE, CE, ISO9001 ,SGS etc.
3)  Q:   Do you have forwarder?
      A:   Yes, we have good forwarder cooperated over 10 years, they help us import and export . For small package orders, suggest to use by Express.
4)  Q:   Your address ?
      A:    Locates in HangZhou province, China,welcome to visit us
5)  Q:What’s the Meter Socket guarantee?
       A: 2 years warranty. If customer’s problem, then customer burden. If our problem, then we send new goods to customer to replace asap. 
6)  Q:What’s about MOQ? Delivery time ?
      A: 1pcs for Meter Socket. 
7)  Q: What’s the payment term?
       A: Normally 100% T/T in advanced payment. If big order then about 50% advanced payment, balance before shipment.PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,CASH for small order .
8)   Q:What’s your contact information ? 
Send us your inquiry !we will reply you in 24 hours !


Product Name: Meter Socket Box
Rated Current: 200A
Rated Voltage: 600V AC
Material: Aluminum,Copper
Installation: Wall-Mount
Type: Resistance Box, Meter Box


nema base

Are there innovations or advancements in NEMA base technology that have emerged in recent years?

Yes, there have been several innovations and advancements in NEMA base technology in recent years. These advancements aim to improve the functionality, efficiency, and adaptability of NEMA bases in various applications. Here are some notable innovations:

  • Smart NEMA Bases: One significant advancement is the development of smart NEMA bases. These bases incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and connectivity features, allowing remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics of the enclosed equipment. Smart NEMA bases enable real-time data collection, predictive maintenance, and enhanced system performance optimization.
  • Enhanced Environmental Protection: Recent advancements have focused on improving the environmental protection capabilities of NEMA bases. This includes the use of advanced sealing materials, enhanced gasket design, and improved ingress protection ratings (IP ratings). These advancements ensure better resistance to dust, moisture, and other contaminants, making NEMA bases suitable for even more demanding and harsh environments.
  • Modular and Scalable Designs: NEMA bases with modular and scalable designs have become more prevalent. These bases allow for flexible configuration and expansion options, accommodating changing equipment requirements. Modular NEMA bases enable easier customization, reconfiguration, and future-proofing, ensuring optimal use of space and resources.
  • Advanced Heat Dissipation: Heat dissipation capabilities in NEMA bases have been improved through the use of innovative cooling technologies. This includes the integration of high-efficiency fans, heat sinks, and thermal management solutions. Advanced heat dissipation techniques help maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating, enhancing the reliability and performance of the enclosed equipment.
  • Integrated Power Distribution: Some modern NEMA bases feature integrated power distribution capabilities. These bases include built-in power distribution units (PDUs) or busbars, eliminating the need for additional external power distribution equipment. Integrated power distribution simplifies installation, reduces wiring complexity, and improves space utilization within the NEMA bases.
  • Improved Cable Management: Innovations in cable management systems have been incorporated into NEMA bases. These advancements include cable routing channels, cable entry systems, and cable management accessories. Improved cable management ensures organized and efficient routing of cables, reducing the risk of cable damage, signal interference, and improving airflow for better system performance.
  • Environmental Sustainability: In recent years, there has been a growing focus on environmental sustainability in NEMA base technology. Manufacturers are incorporating eco-friendly materials, such as recyclable plastics or materials with reduced environmental impact. Additionally, energy-efficient components, such as low-power fans or LED lighting, are being integrated into NEMA bases to minimize energy consumption.
  • Advanced Monitoring and Security: Advancements in monitoring and security features have been integrated into NEMA bases. These include features such as integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, or vibration monitoring, as well as enhanced security measures like tamper-proof enclosures, access control systems, or intrusion detection systems. These advancements help ensure optimal performance, safety, and protection of the enclosed equipment.

These are just a few examples of the innovations and advancements in NEMA base technology that have emerged in recent years. These advancements continue to improve the functionality, reliability, and adaptability of NEMA bases, enabling them to meet the evolving needs of modern applications.

nema base

What role do NEMA bases play in ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards?

NEMA bases play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards in electrical installations. Here’s how NEMA bases contribute to safety and regulatory compliance:

  • Environmental Protection: NEMA bases are designed with specific environmental ratings, such as NEMA 1, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, or NEMA 12, which indicate their ability to protect against different environmental factors. These ratings ensure that the electrical components housed within the NEMA base are adequately protected from dust, moisture, water ingress, and other environmental hazards, addressing safety concerns and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Electrical Insulation: NEMA bases are constructed using materials that provide electrical insulation and grounding capabilities. This insulation helps prevent electrical shocks, short circuits, and other electrical hazards. By using NEMA bases with appropriate insulation properties, electrical installations can comply with safety standards and regulations related to electrical protection and grounding.
  • Fire Resistance: NEMA bases are often designed to be fire-resistant or to offer a certain level of fire protection. They may incorporate materials and features that help restrict the spread of flames in case of a fire. By using fire-resistant NEMA bases, electrical installations can comply with fire safety regulations and minimize the risk of fire-related accidents or damage.
  • Clearance and Accessibility: NEMA bases provide proper clearance and accessibility for electrical components. They ensure that there is sufficient space for cable routing, connections, and maintenance activities. Compliance with safety and regulatory standards often requires specific clearance requirements between components and appropriate access for inspection and servicing. NEMA bases help meet these requirements, ensuring safe and compliant electrical installations.
  • Protection against Arc Flash: Arc flash is a hazardous electrical event that can occur in electrical systems. NEMA bases offer protection against arc flash by providing a secure enclosure for electrical components. They help contain and mitigate the effects of an arc flash event, reducing the risk of injury or damage. Using NEMA bases with appropriate arc flash protection features contributes to compliance with safety standards and regulations related to arc flash hazards.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: NEMA bases are designed and manufactured to meet specific industry standards and regulations. They undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure compliance with these standards. By using NEMA bases that are certified to meet industry-specific standards, electrical installations can demonstrate compliance with safety and regulatory requirements in sectors such as industrial automation, telecommunications, healthcare, or energy.
  • Certifications and Listings: NEMA bases may carry certifications or listings from recognized testing laboratories or certification bodies. These certifications, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listing or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification, indicate that the NEMA bases meet stringent safety and performance standards. By using certified NEMA bases, electrical installations can ensure compliance with relevant safety and regulatory requirements.

Overall, NEMA bases play a vital role in ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards in electrical installations. By providing environmental protection, electrical insulation, fire resistance, proper clearance, accessibility, and protection against arc flash, NEMA bases contribute to safe and compliant electrical systems. Additionally, their compliance with industry standards, certifications, and listings further validate their adherence to safety and regulatory requirements.

nema base

Can you describe the specific standards and ratings associated with NEMA bases?

NEMA bases are subject to specific standards and ratings that define their characteristics and capabilities. Here’s a detailed description of the specific standards and ratings associated with NEMA bases:

1. NEMA Standards:

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) sets the standards for electrical enclosures, including NEMA bases. These standards define the performance, construction, and environmental capabilities of the enclosures. The most commonly referenced NEMA standards for enclosures and bases include:

  • NEMA 250: Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • NEMA 3: Enclosures for Outdoor Use
  • NEMA 4: Watertight and Dust-tight Enclosures
  • NEMA 4X: Corrosion-resistant Enclosures
  • NEMA 12: Industrial Use Enclosures
  • NEMA 13: Oil-tight and Dust-tight Enclosures

2. NEMA Ratings:

NEMA bases are assigned specific ratings that indicate their level of protection against environmental hazards. The NEMA ratings are standardized and provide a common reference for understanding the capabilities of the base. The most commonly used NEMA ratings for bases include:

  • NEMA 1: General Purpose – Provides basic protection against dust and incidental contact, but not water.
  • NEMA 2: Drip-tight – Provides protection against dripping water and limited dust ingress.
  • NEMA 3: Weather-resistant – Provides protection against windblown dust, rain, sleet, and external ice formation.
  • NEMA 3R: Rain-tight – Provides protection against rain, sleet, and external ice formation, but not dust.
  • NEMA 4: Watertight – Provides protection against water spray, hose-directed water, and limited dust ingress.
  • NEMA 4X: Corrosion-resistant – Provides the same level of protection as NEMA 4, with additional resistance to corrosion.
  • NEMA 6: Submersible – Provides temporary protection against water immersion up to a specified depth.
  • NEMA 6P: Submersible – Provides prolonged protection against water immersion up to a specified depth.
  • NEMA 12: Industrial Use – Provides protection against dust, falling dirt, and dripping non-corrosive liquids.
  • NEMA 13: Oil-tight – Provides protection against dust, spraying of oil, and non-corrosive coolants.

3. Additional Ratings:

In addition to NEMA standards and ratings, there are other specifications and certifications that may be relevant to NEMA bases depending on specific applications. These additional ratings include:

  • UL Listed: Indicates that the NEMA base has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, meeting specific safety and performance requirements.
  • IEC IP Ratings: The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are an alternative set of ratings that specify the degree of protection provided against solids and liquids.
  • ATEX Certification: Required for NEMA bases used in potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union, as defined by the ATEX Directive.
  • CSA Certification: Indicates compliance with Canadian safety standards, as certified by the Canadian Standards Association.

It’s important to note that the specific standards and ratings associated with NEMA bases can vary depending on the intended use, industry requirements, and regional regulations. Consulting the appropriate standards and working with reputable suppliers can ensure the selection of NEMA bases that meet the necessary standards and ratings for a given application.

China manufacturer 7jaw Ring Type 200AMP 3 Phase Energy Meter Socket Enclosure Box Outdoor Metering Base  China manufacturer 7jaw Ring Type 200AMP 3 Phase Energy Meter Socket Enclosure Box Outdoor Metering Base
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